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Families in Mind is a Canberra based specialist psychological practice experienced in working with expectant families or families with young children who are showing behavioural or emotional difficulties.

Research tells us that in order to address these issues, we need to look at the broader picture. Our therapeutic approach takes into account family relationships — both as a way of understanding these challenges, and working with you to make things better.

Research shows it’s worth getting in early. Earlier treatment is easier, prevents future problems and pays dividends for your child’s overall development, and for the whole family.ed settings.

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Our own experience with becoming parents and raising our children gives us some understanding of how it feels to adjust to parenthood, and the struggles that parenting sometimes brings.

Sometimes children’s behaviour can be confusing — but we’ve learnt that their behaviour is the way they communicate how they feel and what they need from us. Some children and families have had a difficult start or experienced setbacks, which can make things harder.

We’re here to help by working with you to get a better understanding of what might be going on for your child. If you’re expecting a child, we can help smooth the transition to parenthood.


We can tailor the way we work to meet the needs of families or professionals. We are able to provide individual consultation, group programs as well as supervision, assessment, training, consultancy and research collaboration.

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